Union Hall at Bar Marco Wedding

Victoria and Josh love their family and friends. So on their wedding day, they wanted to celebrate those relationships alongside the celebration of their love and commitment to each other. 

The day started at the Westin Pittsburgh with the girls getting ready. Victoria’s younger sisters were on their A game with hair and makeup duty. Victoria was in good hands! Amid this hustle and bustle, Victoria inquired about how my own wedding planning was going as I was also a bride-to-be at the time. I thought, wow what an awesome person! Here she is showing in-depth care and interest in my life, ON HER WEDDING DAY. Victoria is incredible.

Union Hall at Bar Marco was the perfect warm and intimate space for their ceremony and reception. I was in heaven! Because everywhere I looked there were smiling faces and beautiful moments to be highlighted on camera. Victoria and Josh had a special way of making everybody feel welcome and cared for. This really came across through the photos! I was able to focus on the candid moments, finding art in the natural unfolding of the day. The ceremony itself was my favorite with the sun light streaming through the tall archway windows. There was an angelic glow around Victoria and Josh as they shared their vows. Everyone was mesmerized by their heartfelt connection to the moment and to each other.  

Sewickley Edgeworth Club Wedding

My story with Melissa & Matt started with a winter engagement session at North Park. Their spark lit up the photos despite the chilly weather! 

As we got closer to the wedding date, I was eager to check out the space at the Edgeworth Club. The venue coordinator was kind enough to show me around weeks in advance and let me test out the lighting. This got me even more excited for the big day! The bright natural lighting in the ceremony room was ideal and the grand staircase was absolutely regal. 

The wedding day started with fun candid laughter from the girls getting ready and the boys hanging out in the basement bowling alley. Piece by piece everything came together perfectly. I was very impressed with how the venue staff managed to flip the ceremony room to a dinner reception hall so quickly and with such class. This was all taken care of when the guests were in the living room space for cocktail hour, mingling and enjoying hors d’oeuvres.

Thank you Matt and Melissa for being so wonderful to work with! And to the Edgeworth Club team for taking the extra time to show me around the space and for being so professional and accommodating. 

Grand Staircase Bridal Portraits

Aniah Paris swept us away with her poise and grace at the Grand Staircase at Allegheny Courthouse. She is a Pittsburgh-based model who studied theater arts and voice. Aniah enjoys singing at her church and with her family of musicians. Her dream is to continue her modeling career in NYC. 

This wedding gown is September, showing fine details of floral vines cascading down from the bodice leading to a billowing train. It is part of a collection from the bridal shop The Exquisite Bride, with locations in Gibsonia and Murrysville. 

Overflowing with colors, this decadent bouquet is by Holly Hanna Floral, based in Pittsburgh, PA. The fiery tones offset the rich neutrals of the grand staircase.

The Allegheny Courthouse is a part of the Romanesque Revival style designed by H. H. Richardson, completed in 1888. At the interior of this historic landmark is the courtyard,  beautifully landscaped with lilac bushes surrounding the iconic courtyard fountain. 

What I loved most about this collaboration was getting to know the talented Aniah and fellow wedding vendors. We enjoyed taking our time through the process to perfect the lighting and angles. When taking a break to rest our feet, Aniah gracefully sat down on the staircase, setting up the most glamorous next shot! The September gown spilled down the staircase in a circular shape that reflected the crowning arch above the windows. It was a regal setting for such a beautiful young lady in a fine gown.

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