A Garden Wedding 2020

The evening started in Alphabet Reading Garden. Each nook was laced with floral vines and purple buds blanketed the stone pathways. Terry and his best man decorated the picturesque birch tree branches with threads of origami paper cranes, symbolizing good fortune and the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. We peacefully waited for the bride, listening to the the breeze rustling through the leaves with soft music in the background.

Bryttnie arrived in style and grace, with her polka dotted shoes lightly clicking on the pathway through the garden. There, they shared their vows, dappled by the evening summer sun. 

Afterwards, they opened letters from their family, which expressed warm congratulations and playful jokes. Their toasts and cheers over champaign were accompanied by the setting sun, and as the sky began to glow a rich gold, we set out for the nearby Mexican War Streets to capture their newlywed moments in the beautiful nooks of Pittsburgh’s north side.

In front of an old red brick home, there stood a rustic wooden bench, which ignited memories of their first kiss. A short walk brought us to Allegheny Commons Park, where Bryttnie and Terry embraced amid a colorful grove of trees. The red leaves highlighted the firey colors of her bouquet and they giggled as I oohed and awed at the magical lighting and romance. By the end of the evening the couple was twirling and spinning with elegance under the glimmering setting sun. 

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